Trolley Tracks


He saw a spot and hooked a left tires bumping over the trolley tracks and then parked.

He thought about the dream where he watched the whole city slide down a hill into the water; an egg in a frying pan the streets were rubber and flopped underneath the buildings as it all slipped into the gray water. He got out, door squeaking, and from five feet away smelled the homeless guy sleeping in the entrance of the apartment building and it smelled like feet, just feet all over.

As he stepped by, the man stirred amidst the blankets and asked, “You got any change?” And he looked away and said, “No, sorry” even though he felt some bounce in his pocket and he looked back at the homeless man who stared at the street both of them tired of seeing the other one’s face during that lie.


148 words

2 thoughts on “Trolley Tracks

  1. Oh my gosh I can smell feet! And I can see the letters L-I-A-R written across the mans forehead. Maybe the man wanted the change for alcohol or drugs but maybe, he needed the change for a meal. Great story! It makes one think.


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