I want to blog in order to write essays about what I couldn’t or didn’t write about in college.  Essays on rap (well I did one on postmodernism in Jay-Z’s The Black Album), on TV commercials, or whatever.  I want to utilize the same critical voice I developed as an English major on the world as it tries to effect me.

I want to write stories based on my daydreams and night sagas.

I want to structure my perceptions.

I will learn to capture the vibrance and lusciousness of the pictures in my head.  The images hold so much depth and density in a dream, but when spoken only offer a single line: “such a crazy dream”.  I want to let the written word be the valve between these dimensions, that can be adjusted to adapt the flow, be they gushes or trickles.

I want to develop a habit so that a word processor, or notebook, or scrap of paper become what I want to distract myself with  (and books) instead of internet trash or video games or going out to bars with friends.

I want to not be scared of judgement.

I want to be confident with my creativity and to let it spill into the sciences and medicine as I grow in that world.  I want to learn which threads to chase, which to tether between cups, which to spindle, which to cut.

I will blog for mental tranquility.

P.S.  I just remembered how I used to write my poems and essays.  The title always comes last.  The development has already begun.

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