Pun Intended

I want my writing to develop a natural flow.  I want my speech to develop a richer vocabulary and eloquence.  Both of these sentiments are captured in term “prose”.  These sentiments are established in my first post: expansion.

I thought about how I could use the word in a site title, and while reading the Blogging 101 idea list, decided that I could use it as a pun.  I think the saying “as the crow flies” is a pun in itself.  It’s supposed to mean taking the shortest path between two points, because crows (and birds in general) avoid ground obstacles by flying over them.  Of course, if you’ve ever watched a crow fly, you know that their flight is replete with turns, flapping, coasting, squawks and pauses.  So “as the crow flies” represents a desire for beauty through simplicity, but an understanding of the complexities of reality.  And then throw in some prose because, how else do you portray all of that?

The tagline will be a quote that occasionally changes when I encounter new ones, or get lines from movies or songs stuck in my head.  This will allow me the variability that so many of us new bloggers seem to desire. Most people have mentioned wanting their blog to be about ” a little bit of everything” because they have so many different interests.  I feel the same way (as a conscious human) but understand that a focus will develop.  The changing quote will allow for the fluctuation of moods, without feeling like I have to do a massive revamp every time the wind changes direction.

Oh, and I think the title may be more of a malapropism than a pun.  But I’m not sure.

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